Aug 07

Uncensored Lolicon Gif Animations Vol. 3

Great selection of quality and uncensored lolicon gif animations with cute little horny girls who want to share their love with you!

Type: lolicon gif animations | Author: Various | 42 gifs


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  1. SueBee

    This is how I was treated by my father as a child — daddy’s fuck doll.

    1. Courterier

      So nice to read that SB, hope he did you rough and hard.

    2. sikfuk

      Wish i’d been a good friend of his! đŸ˜‰

      1. SueBee

        I would have obeyed you as a child. My father insisted I was obedient.

      2. Courterier

        Just what I was thinking sik, I’d have been over there all the time!

        1. Ashley

          My dad dressed me up and invited men to unload in me. He liked paddling and whipping me during sex as a kid.

          1. Courterier

            Your dad did the right thing, I admire him. We need lots more like him, it’s wonderful that he did that to you.

          2. Richardfrei666

            I’m sure now, as a grown-up, you can appreciate the lust that came with the pain, and I hope and wish for you @Ashley, that you can so enjoy being in the opposite position than before now. Isn’t it beautiful to watch? Bless you, enjoy yourself!

  2. Bart Ablueyeboy

    I’m wondering if any ladies here like to roll play Act on dates it sounds like the way you were treated turned you on and you miss it now

  3. Ashley

    Thank you Courterier and Richardfrei666. Sometimes I’d have rather been watching TV or chatting with friends when it was time for my sex, but I liked sex as a child, even if I fussed at the timing. Richardfrei666 Yes, I think being whipped and paddled was good for training me back then, now that I understand men’s needs. Discipline taught me to obey adults. It is beautiful to see because it reminds me of taking cocks as a child. The sexiest part is seeing a man erection growing for it. I know just how far I was able to have my pussy and rectum stretched and as a kid.

    1. commenter69

      Love your comments, i wish. couldve been there to show you a good time as a kid and hopefully got you pregnant, do you have/want kids of your own that you can use at your whim. What was it like to be f**ked as a child by older men, what was you favourite thing about it.

    2. lolipuslover

      Hey Ashley how young were you when you started fucking? how far could the cock fit inside your pussy?

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