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Feb 21

Uncensored Shotacon Pack Vol. 11

This pack contains only fully colored, high quality and uncensored yaoi shotacon images. Horny little boys posing naked and in their sexy underwear and having a good fuck with their friends, enjoy! Also, don’t miss the other volumes! Type: yaoi shotacon images | Author: Various | 91 pics 0

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May 11

Lolicon Animated Gifs Collection Vol. 3

New and very hot lolicon animations in gif format. Cute little loli girls love to fuck with their boyfriends and daddys, enjoy! Type: lolicon animations | Author: Various | 26 gifs 0

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Feb 02


Little Sissyboy has a dream about a giant dick and cums on himself in his sleep. Video is MP4 1280X720P, complete with music and surround sound. Type: Shotacon Video | Author: DoDoCaT |  Video Time 03:17 0

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Jan 30


Cherry and her friend play a special game that makes them both feel really good. Video is MP4 1280X720P HD. Animation is complete with music and sound Type: Lolicon Video | Author: DoDoCaT | 1 Video Time 02:32 0

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Jul 21

Insomniac 3D Animations Pack

The newest and very hot shotacon 3D gif animations by Insomniac! Animations related to bondage, BDSM, deep anal sex and orgies with cute shota boys, enjoy! Type: 3D yaoi shotacon gif animations | Author: Insomniac | 14 gifs 1+

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Jul 13

Mulberry Lolicon Gif Animations Pack

New and very hot lolicon animations in 2D, but have smooth motions and great picture quality. Horny loli girls sucked hige cocks, tied, hard fucked and gangbanged by their older friends and customers, enjoy! Type: lolicon gif animations | Author: Mulberry | 12 gifs, 3 pics 2+

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Jun 10


Two little sissyboys decide to take a different route home from school, to avoid the school bully, But the bully catches them and forces them to do some very nasty things in a old run down bathroom. This pack also contains a 3 minute video about a little boy who sits on his daddys face …

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