Oct 27

Moomba Shotacon Art Collection Vol. 3

moomba-yaoi-shotacon-images-3-2 moomba-yaoi-shotacon-images-3-6 moomba-yaoi-shotacon-images-3-10

Mostly in black and white, but extremely detailed and not censored yaoi shotacon pictures with various horny little boys who got hard fucked, raped, sucked. Includes tentacles and monsters fucking little boys scenes, enjoy! Also, don’t miss the others volumes!

Type: yaoi shotacon images | Author: Moomba | 32 pics


  1. Ticklemaster

    Blondie looks like CODY from Rescuers Down Under! I would’ve loved to have seen little Cody stripped, tickle tortured, and forced to give good head!

  2. Ticklemaster

    MOOMBA, can you PLEASE do one of Cody from Rescuers down under, tied up, hands behind his back, naked and barefoot, his feet tickled mercilessly by the villain with the golden feather, till he pees? Do a few angles! Thanks!

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